Both shutters and blinds offer control over the light level and privacy of your room, but shutters offer additional benefits. While many other window treatments need regular replacing, shutters are a permanent fixture of the house and will last for decades. They are also easier to clean and can be more aesthetically pleasing as well. Indoor shutters also excel in terms of light management, privacy, insulation, and safety. When you work with us at Light & Shade Solutions, you’ll be able to get the perfect shutters for any area in your home.

Hinged indoor shutters are the most popular form of shutters. They are primarily used to cover windows but can also be used for doorways, skylights and internal wall openings. They are suitable for almost any shape or type of opening, including bay windows, corner windows, archways and round windows.

Sliding shutters add an elegant aesthetic to any home. They provide a sleek and simple look that harmonises with most architectural styles, as well as being an incredibly functional and practical design that maximises natural light, outdoor views and offers easy functionality.

Bi-fold shutters are popular because they allow the maximum levels of light to enter buildings, whilst offering privacy when needed. Thanks to their solid construction and ease of use, they are ideal for both homes and businesses that want the option of enjoying a more open and natural sense of lighting.

Shaped windows are a significant feature in an architecturally designed home, but finding an attractive, functional window dressing solution does pose a challenge.Triangles, circles, octagons, arches and many more shapes can be successfully treated when using our shaped shutters. They offer the benefits of light control, insulation, privacy, durability, increased safety, and timeless style.

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