How Do I Measure?

Measuring is part of the service we provide and offer in our no obligation quoting. We are able to come to your home / office with an array of samples and colour swatches for you to be able to see how the products look in the setting. We also have an Online Consultation function whereby we can talk you through the process via video conference call. If you feel comfortable in measuring your window for a quote, the below are some key things to note. IMPORTANT: 1. A good quality steel tape measure is the minimum requirement. 2. All measurements to be supplied in millimetres 3. A spirit level is recommended to determine if the window is square. If not square this may result in Outside Mounting being the best solution. 4. It is highly recommended that a specialist come and measure for any Bi-Folding, Sliding or Bay Window options to make sure the correct details are captured. These types of window/door treatments can be complex. HOW TO MEASURE INSIDE MOUNT: This is the measurement you need to take if you want your blind or shutter to fit inside the window recess. There’s no need for you to make any adjustments, we make them for you. - Measure the inside width of the recess in three places. Note down the shortest measurement – this is the one we’ll use. - Measure the drop by taking the measurement from the top of the recess to the window sill in three places. Note down the shortest measurement - this is the one we will use. Important note: You do NOT need to make any adjustments to the width or length of your measurements, we will make all the necessary adjustments for you. HOW TO MEASURE OUTSIDE MOUNT: This is the measurement you need to take if you want your blind or shutter to sit outside the window recess. Your measurement will need to include additional allowance for the blind or shutter to be mounted. If unsure please feel free to chat to one of our specialists to asist you with this. - Measure the exact width of where you’d like your blind or shutter to be. Note down the measurement. - Measure the exact drop from the top of where you want your blind or shutter to be to the bottom. Note down the measurement.

What Is The Best Product For You?

It can sometimes be really daunting to decide on how to furnish a window or door. There are two ways to determine the best product, either by room and resulting requirement for that space or by the product itself and benefits that these have. To find out more on the different areas within the house and resulting products that best suit these environments, please head to our Interior or Exterior pages for more details or alternatively we welcome a CALL to provide free and easy advice for you to make the best choice.

What Is The Best Thermal Efficient Product?

This question comes up a lot for people looking to save on central heating by chosing the most thermal effective widow treatment. By far the best treatment would be our Cellular Blinds. There have been savings reported of up to 30%. To find out more please head to our Cellular Blinds page.

There Is No Space For My Shutters To Hinge Against The Wall?!

This is not an issue as shutters live in the windows permanently. A shutter is ultimately a piece of furniture within a window.

What Do I Need To Know When Placing An Order?

LEAD TIMES Our shutters are manufactured in the largest manufacturing plant in the world, Norman Shutters, who export worldwide. We can have your shutters installed within 6 - 8 weeks, which is the quickest turn around time in New Zealand. Our blinds are manufactured here in New Zealand, and will be delivered within 2 weeks from order date. INSTALLATION It is recommended that our Shutters & Blinds be installed by our qualified technicians. However, if you are handy at DIY, blinds are easier to install.

Shutters vs Blinds?

Shutters cover many parametres such as light control, ventilation, insulation and privacy. Whereas with blinds, you only get the benefit of one or two of these characteristics. Blinds are more cost effective, however shutters are more of a long term solution. To find out more about the individual products and their benefits please head to the Interior and Exterior pages for a summary of each.