Porches and patios are often screened with exterior shutters to create outdoor sanctuaries, protecting the space from excess amounts of sun, heat, wind and cold.


Aluminium shutters create a barrier between you and the elements thereby providing insulation whilst protecting your patio furniture from fading. 


Exterior shutters can be installed in a fixed frame as well as in a sliding or bi-folding configuration.

Exterior shutters are powder coated to a high standard which means they are very durable. They offer you light control, insulation, privacy and increased safety. They can be adjusted to allow varying amounts of sunlight and wind to enter.

Our most popular shutter has 115mm adjustable blades and is also available with 60mm and 90mm blades.

Aluminium Shutters

The Ultra range features lockable blades for extra security.


The shutters can be fixed onto your deck opening to allow you to adjust the blades to create the perfect environment.

If you prefer the option to have the deck clear of shutters then they can be installed to slide or bi-fold.

When you place your order, please allow for a 6 - 8 week turnaround.


There is nothing in the market like it for outdoor roofing solutions. The Flexiroof “Tiny Arch” technology is a patented feature making Flexiroof shelters the best in New Zealand.

Water is something all roofing systems have to address, and our solution is unique in
several key ways:
1. No rubber or silicon is used
2. Zero holes are drilled in the sheets
3. Our sheets act as a very shallow gutter (via our “Tiny Arch” feature).

Flexiroof shelters are therefore 100% waterproof, and without relying on rubber or silicon, they will stay that way.

​Wind is a key factor when we designed Flexiroof. So many outdoor shelters are heavily affected by strong winds.

We can say the following with absolute confidence. 1. Mechanical robustness in gales2. Quietness in storms


New Zealand has plenty of Sun, so an excellent quality product is required to protect and be long lasting. Our sheets reduce:

~100% of UV radiation
~50% of visible light
~33% of heat

Snow is quite heavy which is why we use the products we do. In extreme snow conditions load, some sag will occur and as the melt occurs the strong and elastic materials will just return to their original forms.

Corrosion - New Zealand has a varied temperate climate with plenty of rain, wind, sun, hail, UV, snow and salt laden sea air. Which is why we have focused on making our product as durable as they come. 
Structure Titanium and carbon fibre are too expensive. Pultruded fibreglass is cheap and strong, but restrictive in design and cosmetic finishes. Steel is cheap and strong, but galvanised, or powder-coated … frankly is going to rust, particularly where you drill holes. Indeed Archgola™ use steel tube and have a 5 year guarantee. At Flexiroof we use 6061 T6 aluminium which is strong, light and affordable, and very corrosion resistant, and have a
15yr guarantee. (We powdercoat for prettiness not to resist corrosion).
Sheet Glass when made safe is great, but very expensive and heavy. Acrylic (Perspex™) is light and affordable, but not strong enough unless you make it very thick, and in a fire it drips hot plastic! Our sheet is polycarbonate, sadly 2x the price of acrylic, but hey it is 15x stronger which we like a lot.
Fasteners Steel fasteners are going to corrode, particularly by the sea of course. Galvanising .. Zinc … Nope _ not going to convince us here! Flexiroof fasteners are therefore stainless steel, 316 where available.