Blinds or shutters? It's an age-old debate, and most window experts agree on the answer: it depends. Light & Shade Solutions is here to help you choose the best option for every space in your home.

Blinds are the clear choice in terms of cost. Their lightweight construction and flexibility make them quick to install and decrease the likelihood of any pinching. Blinds also offer more options in terms of colors, textures, materials, and design. At Light & Shade, we offer roller blinds, Venetian blinds, cellular blinds, and bay window blinds, which can be custom fitted to any window or doorway.

While more expensive upfront, shutters excel as a long-term solution. Most indoor and outdoor shutters do not need replacing, while blinds eventually fall apart due to wear and tear over time. Shutters also offer a greater degree of control over ventilation and insulation, and are often considered more pleasing to the eye and easier to operate. Since they are permanent fixtures, shutters can even add value to a home at resale. Light & Shade offers hinged, bi-fold, shaped, sliding, and bay window shutters, all constructed from sturdy wood for indoor use. We also offer aluminum shutters for exteriors like porches and patios.

Most homeowners prefer a mix of blind and shutter. Both offer excellent light management and personal privacy, but the degree of insulation, ventilation, and stylistic control varies depending on the needs of the room. Window shading experts here at Light & Shade Solutions can provide a free assessment of your home and suggest the best options for your windows and doors. Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment and get a free estimate.